blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

uno, does, tres, qatorce!

  • The new U2 album comes out in two weeks!</a> I know it's available for download on the Internet but I can wait. Really. Patience is a virtue no?
  • My coworker Angie is in the hospital with pneumonia. Angie gets more done part-time with her oxygen mask on that I do full-time.
  • I have traffic court next Wednesday and my ticket has disappeared out of my wallet. I'm assuming it's in my pile of mail at home. But until I find it, please pray I don't get pulled over. No license and no tickets means uh-oh. I do have a bit of driving to do this week. :)
  • I've also managed to lose my cell phone. It's probably under a pile of wet leaves at the forest preserve where we do our training. I called Sprint to report it missing and was informed that since I've had the phone for some 18+months, I get a $150 rebate on the next one. Rawk!
  • You all should be reading myasma's journal. Trust me.
  • Finally an excellent editorial by Gary Hart: When The Personal Shouldn't Be Political. A quote if you will:

    "A neglected thread of church doctrine was the social gospel of John and Charles Wesley, the great reformers of late 18th-century Methodism. The Wesley brothers preached salvation through grace but also preached the duty of Christians, based solidly on Jesus' teachings, to minister to those less fortunate. My political philosophy springs directly from Jesus' teachings and is the reason I became active in the Democratic Party. Finally, in the qualification-to-speak category, I will seek to pre-empt the ad hominem disqualifiers. I am a sinner. I only ask for the same degree of forgiveness from my many critics that they were willing to grant George W. Bush for his transgressions."
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