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Book Quiz that's been floating around here

Hardback or Paperback?

I prefer hardbacks if I'm reading books from the library, paperback if I'm buying them with my own money.

Highlight or Underline?

I've rarely done either since school

Lewis or Tolkien?

Lewis, I'm embarassed to say I haven't read any Tolkien

E.B. White or A.A. Milne?


T.S. Eliot or e.e. cummings?

T.S. Eliot

Stephen King or Dean Koontz?

King, I like his columns in Entertainment Weekly. Most of his books are too gross for me though

Barnes & Noble or Borders?



Waldenbooks or B. Dalton?

Only in desperation for something to read would I enter either establishment.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?


Horror or Suspense?

Suspense, there's usually less gore

Bookmark or Dogear?

I confess, dogear.

Hemingway or Faulkner?


Fitzgerald or Steinbeck?


Homer or Plato?

Haven't read either

Geoffrey Chaucer or Edmund Spenser?

I've only read Chaucer.

Pen or Pencil?


Looseleaf or Notepad?


Alphabetize: By Author or By Title?

Dewey demical fool!

Dustjacket: Leave it On or Take it Off?

Leave it on. Used as a bookmark.

Novella or Epic?


John Grisham or Scott Turow?


J.K. Rowling or Lemony Snicket?

*ducks* haven't read either

John Irving or John Updike?


Fiction or Non-fiction?

Too hard to choose!

Historical Biography or Historical Romance?


A Few Pages per Sitting or Finish at Least a Chapter?

Short Story or Creative Non-fiction Essay?

Creative non-fiction. I hope to actually write some myself someday.

"It was a dark and stormy night..." or "Once upon a time..." ?

Stormy night.

Buy or Borrow?

Alas, the budget says borrow.

Book Reviews or Word of Mouth?

Word of mouth.

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