blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

I sent out the first really large batch of fundraising letters today. I’m pretty much sending them out to everyone who I have an address for including lots of folks I haven’t talked in ages. Thanks to some of you folks I’m at $470 or 14% of my $3300 fundraising goal.

Actual training is going pretty well. We learned proper walking technique on Saturday which caused me to notice my calves, hamstrings and knees. Luckily, not at the same time. I am walking faster though. This coming Saturday will be a 6 miler and then a 3pm wedding.

I’m on the reference desk for 7 hours today. Hopefully it won’t kill me as our friendly police officer starts duty today. He’s already thrown the most obnoxious bunch out and RIGHT NOW he’s warning another bunch.

And I have David Sedaris audiobook goodness to listen to on the way home.

And a funny link: Christian accidentally pledges to Public Radio :)

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