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Chicago Accenture Triathlon (i volunteered)

Howdy y'all, your marathoner in training here. I volunteered at the triathlon yesterday and had a great time. I arrived at the volunteer check-in tent shortly before my scheduled check-in time of 6am. I had signed up to be a run course marshal (truth be because the shift had the latest check in time :)) and so was driven out to the Adler Planetarium to my post. At this point, native Chicagoans might be thinking "Deb isn't it windy and cold out there?" It sure was! But our hardly little group kept kinda warm by jumping around and vigorous cheering of the participants. I took pictures which I'll put up one of these days. We got lots of compliments for our cheering efforts. There were all sorts of folks in the triathlon: big, small, tall, short, black, white, yellow, old, young, you get the picture. I had a special place in my heart for the "bigger" folks and the Team in Training (TNT) participants. There was also a lady with very pink hair and lots of tattoos that I won't forget for a long time.

One my fellow volunteers, Heather, is a mentor with the City TNT team who will be running in Arizona. Heather is the first TNT'er that I've spent any signfiicant time with who's going to Arizona. Most of the Fall Training Team folks that I've met are going to Disney. So it was fun to chat with someone who will be in Arizona with the Team.

Today it was back to training and here is what I did:

1.26 miles in 20 minutes =3.78 miles an hour = 6.93 hours for a 26.2 mile marathon. (I think I have to finish in 7/14 hours so I like keeping track of this)

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