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Bataan Memorial Death March 2005

only in the Yahoo marathonwalkers group would you see such an subject entry in your Inbox. for the curious the linky is

So I finished my first team training this morning. It was supposed to be 3 miles but since all of us missed the turnaround point it was closer to 4 miles. I walked it in about an hour. If I can only keep up with that pace for 26.2 miles I'll be able to finish in the required time.:)

There aren't many walkers in our North group. (There are North, South, West and City groups). In fact there's only 4! So I might try the walk/run training for awhile because I don't want to be finishing last in training all the time. :( Walk/run training is where you walk/run on a ratio. For example. 6:1 would mean walking for 6 minutes then running for 1. Besides I think it would burn more calories which is always a good thing.

I felt pretty good after the walk. I did have a nap this afternoon but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was babysitting my sump pump for a hour in the middle of the night (minor monsoon at 2am) that with being physically tired from the walk.

The team has a nice tradition of going out for breakfast after training. I must admit that the promise of bacon does a lot to get me up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning. :)

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