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Team in Training Update

I've been in a flurry of activity over the weekend relating to getting myself ready for walking a marathon. (Shameless begging link)First was the Kick-off picnic where us assorted "athletes" heard from former runners/walkers and patients' families. The story of the patients' families were heartbreaking. The first family member who spoke lost her mom to lymphoma two weeks before and the other recently found out that the leukemia had returned to her 4 year old daughter's spinal cord. It wasn't
all tears though, I got to meet and hangout with my fellow trainees who ranged from someone whose mom had died from leukemia a few months before to people who wanted to get in shape while helping a good cause. I found out that my mentor, Barbara (which was my mother's first name, go figure) has completed some dozen events with Team in Training. Other TNT alumni say she walks faster than most people run.

I've also been in a shopping frenzy not having any "proper" workout clothes/shoes.
Fortunately for me, Kohl's had some wick fabric clothing 50% off last weekend. Wick fabric is supposed to keep you cooler. Apparently "cotton is the enemy". The shoes were a another matter, money wise. I went to an actually running shoe store, Naperville Running Company where my feet were measured and my shoes fitted. Of course, the shoes that fit the best were among the most expensive in the store. They do feel fabulous on my meet though.

So after all that buying, I headed over to Bally's for my first "official" workout of 25 minutes. Remember, I'm just getting started training. It was pretty uneventful, I just walked on the treadmill for the 25 minutes. I was a tad annoyed that they didn't have the Cubs game on the TVs but I managed anyhow. :) I think my park district's fitness center is nicer but Bally's is free for 3 months so I'll switch between there and walking outside. On today's training schedule is 30 minutes of cross-training. I've never been a fan of cross-training machines so I'm dreading it a bit but I'm sure it will be fine. Must remember to bring the Ipod though.

In other TNT (which stand for Team in Training by the way) news, I'll be volunteering at the Chicago Triathlon on Sunday. This will be my first experience ever seeing a marathon or triathlon so I imagine it will be a preview of things to come. It will be interesting trying to get up to be downtown by 7am though. :)

Oh, our first group workout is Saturday morning at 7:30am. 3 miles baby!

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