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A list post (missed these haven't ya?)

  • First of all, special kudos to verian and gurdonark for donating to my walking a maration with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm now 2.58% towards my fundraising goal. The first big kick off event (with BBQ!) is tomorrow in Oak Brook. I'll have so much more to tell you after that. I'll meet other folks who will be walking in Arizona with me, get fundraising and training tips. Physical training starts on Monday with 25 minutes of walking. You gotta start small!

  • I've been on a movie watching kick lately. I just finished watching Calle 54 a lovely little film which is mostly performances by Latin Jazz musicians. I didn't know much about Latin jazz before watching it and barely remember adding it to my Netflix queue but I really enjoyed watching. I just love watching musicians work.

    A couple of days ago I watched Before Sunrise a wonderful movie about two people who meet on a train, the man convinces the woman to get off the train with him in Vienna for a day and they spend the whole movie talking about their lives, hopes, dream and fears. I can't wait for the "sequel" Before Sunsetto come out on DVD.

    And finally I watched a couple small films, the Spiderman movies. I got a little sick of Kristen Dunst's screaming but other than that I thought they were fun movies to watch.
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