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a list

  • one of my newish neighbors has a thing for marijuana.
  • I'm taking off the week of July 4th. I want to go *somewhere* but not sure where.
  • I participated (despite much grumbling) in a scavenger hunt with some people from church. A *bigger and better* scavenger hunt mind you. We traded a pencil for some bubbles (actually we bought them at a dollar store), then the bubbles for some pretty wrapping paper (free at the scrapbooking store), then the paper for a stuffed jacob sign (from a baby furniture store) and then a "caution when wet" sign from a tire store. Our team won the hunt!
  • Why the world needs librarians #34984: I just had a patron come up to me and ask where he could find 821.8 YEA aka the section with W.B. Yeats' books. I took him to the section. He then told be that he was looking for information on plantinum. See the connection? I don't either
  • I have eight mosquito bites on my foot.
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