blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

Latest music and book choices

(in lieu of an actual update about my life)

I listened to Over The Rhine's Films for Radio for the first time in ages today. It was like getting reacquainted with an old friend.

I finished Bret Lott's latest A Song I Knew By Heart in one day it was so good. You may remember Lott as he wrote Jewel one of Oprah's Book Club picks.
A Song I Knew By Heart is a modern-day reworking of the Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi with a few twists.

Before that I read Michael Malone's The Last Noel. Malone is one of the writers I heard speak at Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Writing last month. The Last Noel is the story of the lives of an African-American boy and white woman and how their lives intersect at Christmas time every few years, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Next up, Malone's Handling Sin.

You all should be aware that my friend Bill Mallonee is opening up for none other than Buddy Miller on June 25th in Newport, KY (just south of Cincy) and on June 26th here in Chicago. Y'all shouldn't muss it!

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