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Bone Marrow Donor Registration is FREE until the 19th of May. And the registration doesn't hurt at all. Would you want a chance to save someone from death?

Donating bone marrow if you are a compatible donor for a person with lynphoma or other cancers can give them their best chance at survival.

The national bone marrow registry usually charges $50 to cover the typing of your tissue. You can register on line and they will send you a tissue typing sample kit to use at home. No blood draw or lab visit required. You just swab some of your cheek cells onto a special container and send it in. Then they test your DNA to see what your HLA profile is. That's biochemical information that is used to work out transplant compatibility. It's like blood type but a bit more complicated and involved.

You can go here to register:

It's free until the 19th. Free. Free. FREE.

This is very important, especially if you are non white or are of mixed ancestry. Those people and their HLA types are not currently well represented in the registry. Some people with cancer are dying for lack of a compatible donor.

text swiped from wordweaverlynn
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