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that 25 song meme

you know the one where you post lyric excerpts to the last 25 songs played on your mp3 player and then you folk guess which songs they're from? that one

here we go (there's only 1 song by a artist in this list if it helps)

1)"you search for something to explain"
2)"you know you've prayed enough when you don't ask for anything more"
3) "if you see my little goblin, he's driving home"
4) "hold onto nothing as fast as you can"
5) "thinking of things that don't have to add up to something"
6) "when the snows come rolling through you're rolling too with some new lover will you think of times you've told me That you knew the reason"
7) "And where we live is where we hide Cause we can't forgive what's inside"
8) "It's the kind of heat that holds you like a mama holds her son"
9) "it's been awhile, so step on inside, just you and your soul"
10) "...for telling me all those lies about myself it was your way of bandaging the bleeding"
11) "ain't it a blessing to do what you wanna do"
12) "life becomes the revolving door that won't slow down"
13) "where saints and sinners chance to meet"
14) "there's no poetry in that line"
15) "flower forth all you branches of easter, why wont the spring come"
16) "the heart is abloom, shoots up from the stony ground"
17) "two kids choose between cigarettes and baby food, tonight they get it right"
18) "for all the work, i'm gonna pass all the money on to you" i
19) "I've had enough of reading things by neurotic - psychotic-pig headed politicians"
20)"speak to me, hold your mouth to mine"
21) "she disappears when i get close"
22) "it's 3 a.m.and i'm up again answering the call of all"
23) "you're a vision all undone you are the best kind of dreadful"-
24) "i know what i did made you feel so indiscreet"
25) "we share the sadness"

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