blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

finally posting

So much to say so it's time for a list entry

  • I *heart* bona. We had another fabulous weekend together.
  • Watching a girl you've known since she was 6 months old get married is *odd*. But a good time was had. We did the dance from "Thriller". *really*
  • WordPlay is fabulous as everyone says it is. *looks hopefully at the Sunday Chicago Tribune crosswords.
  • Either the evil village inspector man is satisfied with the state of my yard or he hasn't looked at it yet. I'm hoping for the former.
  • I got Julio Lugo in one of my fantasy baseball leagues. Yes I know you don't care. ;)
  • congrats to misslynn on her engagement and costello1177 on her new digs
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