blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

20 Memorable Things I Have Done in My life

via Monastic Skete

1)Decided to follow God
2)Fell in love with a Bronx-raised Mennonite
3)Saw the Cubs win a playoff game in person
4)Took a carriage ride in Central Park with the subject of #2
5)Visited a prisoner on death row
6)Walked a marathon
7)Walked a half-marathon
8)Finished graduate school
9)Bought a furnance
10)Worked at McDonalds'
11)Planned my mother's funeral
12)Witnessed a wedding presided over by a priest and rabbi in a Catholic church
13)Saw U2 in concert a month after 9/11
14)Saw U2 for free last year
15)Left one the largest churches in the country
16)Donated bone marrow
17)Took the subway from Manhattan to the Bronx by myself after midnight
18)Had too much to drink in a Glasgow student bar
19)Went to London
20)traveled to China

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