blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

Christmas meme

Post here and/or at your own blog. Tell us three things:

1. What you want for Christmas... if your friends were millionaires. Sky's the limit. One item, folks.

2. What you want for Christmas... for real. One tangible, real item that a normal human could buy in stores.

3. What you want for Christmas... in abstract. True love, world peace, whatever. With explanation.

4. What you would want people to do instead of giving a gift for Christmas, if they were so inclined.


• No fair saying, "anything on my wish list." You have to think about this one or you get a lump of coal.
• No fair saying, "oh, I don't need anything." Unless you just lost your home to a hurricane, you probably have everything you absolutely NEED. This is about wants. And it's not selfish to want things. It's only selfish to want things to the exclusion of others' wants and needs.
• Yeah, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Subsitute Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or average nondenominational secular gift-giving holiday of your choice.

You will then follow up with links to wish lists and favorite charities. After all, some of us have shopping to do. ;)

1)First-class trip to London. first-class airfare, nice hotel, great seats to West End shows

2) A Kitchen Aid Blender

I swear I would use it!

3) The freedom to enjoy the real meaning behind Christmas without all the materialistic pressures

4) Cook me a meal in mi casa

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