blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

my decadent weekend

I was out past midnight both Friday and Saturday nights! Usually my life is so tame so I'm in bed waaay before then.

Friday bona and I went to see Ben Lee at the Double Door. A great show. Ben Lee is a performer who performs great pop music and truly loves doing it. What I didn't love however were the frat boys and trixies who were at the show just to drink and talk (grrr), even through a Lucinda Williams cover.

Saturday brought a late lunch at Friday's and then costello1177's birthday party where we drank powerful but yummy drinks, finally met michael_lucid and then drove home in the pouring rain. We did enjoy a break at the O'Hare Oasis for some caffeine and a massage in the massage chair.

This morning we had an early lunch then I dropped bona off at the choo-choo and now I'm at work :(

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