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On the way home from work today I heard a wonderful piece on NPR about an important pre Brown vs. Board of Education case, Mendez vs. Westminster. Mendez involved a lawsuit by Mexican-Americans against a California school board which had separate schools for Hispanics and whites. The school for white was nice and shiny while the school for Hispanics was a shack. Also the curriculum suggested that over 75% of the Hispanics were mentally retarded in some way. Oy, I say. To make a long story short, a group of Hispanic parents sued the school board and won their case in the Supreme Court. Part of the piece was an interview with one of the children, a nurse in her late 60's. She said that her "job" for this season in her life was to serve as a resource on a case that has mostly been forgotten in the wake of Brown in order that people remember.

I'd thought I'd help her out by posting the link to the story.

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