November 9th, 2006

internets family guy

Careerbuilder security issue?

Has anyone been having the same issue I and one of my patrons have with

When I sign-out out of Careerbuilder and someone else signs onto Careerbuilder, the screen says "Welcome to Careerbuilder, blistermoth". The browser isn't logged into my profile but if the person clicks onto the sign-in screen, MY email address is displayed.

Stuff, stuff, stuff.

I’m still plowing through my house sorting through my possessions. I think half is stuff I’ve accumulated in the decade since my mom died and the other half is stuff…that was there before that.

I’m having a hard time of letting go of my parents’ things. For example, I discovered this beautiful deviled egg dish that I’ve never used. But the beauty of it makes it hard for me to let it go.

Am I throwing away my mother’s memory if I give/throw away her things? Of course not, but it’s hard for me not to think that way lately.