October 9th, 2006

leonard cohen

A ring picture and the engagement story

Deb Ring, originally uploaded by deborahbloom.

I was downtown for the Illinois Library Association Conference last Friday morning. After the conference was over, I met Thomas at the Borders across the street from the Chicago Theatre, the site of our first date (seeing David Sedaris). I had a bite to eat and then Thomas says, “Ani DiFranco is playing on Thursday, let’s see if there are any tickets left.”

So we moseyed over to the Theatre and Thomas asked about tickets. They were sold out. So we excited the theater and Thomas asked for a hug and said “Man, if I had known two years how wonderful you were, I would have never gone back to Goshen that first night without you.”

And with that Thomas dropped to one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”

I put my hands up to my face, started crying and asked “Are you serious?”

Thomas: “yes”
Me: more crying
Thomas: “you did say yes, right?”

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