September 22nd, 2006

cinderella man

At last

I haven't said much in this space lately because the thing I've wanted most to share I've

been sworn to secrecy about. Now that bona has finally re-discovered the update button I can pass along the news.

As of November 6th bona is the transportation reporter at the Rockford Register Star. It's a great opportunity for him and better yet he's now only an hour away from me vs. 3 1/2 hours.

*Sticks tongue out at I80-94*

Seriously though, we're both thrilled.
leonard cohen

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

We're under a thunderstorm AND tornado warning here at work. The sky is pitch black. I was supposed to have left 30 minutes ago but figure I'm safer here than in my car.

Edit: Got home safe, it rained something awful and traffic was a mess but it was clear by the time I got home.

Hope all those in downtown Chicago are ok.