August 10th, 2006


Free books!

Look I just picked up for myself on our library’s paperback exchange shelf:

Ann Patchett - The Patron Saint of Liars
Anne Tyler – Ladder of Years
Sinclair Lewis – Main Street
Kazuo Ishiguro – Remains of the Day
Frederick Busch – The Night Inspector
Kaye Gibbons – Ellen Foster

They all have Chicago Public Library book discussion markings on them. Hopefully they’re not supposed to be returned there. ;)
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A little ray of sunshine

For every "I need help with printing/computer/Internet/DaVinci Code" question, I get one that makes me glad I came to work.

Question: "Can you go to and see if he has a concert on the 19th?"

A folkie!

Nevermind that the 19th is also on my birthday!