August 8th, 2006


Digital Divide example #298378974987

Patron: I can't sign on to the computer.
Me: Lemme see what's going on. Hmm looks like you're on the Internet (patron is on scree to sign up for an AOL screename)
Patron: But I can't sign on
Me: Hmmm. What were you trying to do on the Internet?
P: Go to

I take them to said website. Mission accomplished.
mst london

Home Improvement

Just got home from pricing a new front door and garage door. The village wishes that I get new ones before the end of the month. Hopefully my neighbor is willing to install it for me. A few bottles of beer is much cheaper than what Lowes/Home Depot/Menards want for installation.

Must not be anxious about the finances of all of this.

I am patting myself on the back for getting a fair bit done tonight. Bedtime isn't for two hours and I have my lunch and outfit ready for tomorrow. I even made the lunch (Thai Pork Salad) myself. *preens*

Now to read something good for me.
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