July 16th, 2006

arrested development good grief

Dripping sweat

While watching the Cubs humiliate themselves on national TV. If Dusty still has a job this time tomorrow......`1

bona and I are having a great day, church and then keeping cool while hanging at Borders and Woodfield. (No ac at mi casa)

Ask the boy about the salad he had. ;)

bona is on his way to Chili's to pick up dinner, we'll finish negotiating a 4 for 4 trade in our rotisserie league when he gets back and then we'll watch the ESPYs.

Samuel Freedman's "Letters to a Young Journalist" is an excellent book for journalists and those who love them. Freedman has written two of my favorite non-fiction books, "Jew vs. Jew" (about American Jewry) and "Upon This Rock" (about the time he spent at a black church).
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