July 3rd, 2006

leonard cohen


Went to Taste of Chicago. Yummy (cheesecake, indian veggie stew, crab ravioli, bailey's ice cream etc) but NEVER AGAIN ON JULY 4TH WEEKEND. Too many of God's children downtown.

Superman Returns at the Imax at Navy Pier. Some key scenes were in 3-D. Citizen Kane? Nope. But a great love story/action flick. But again too many people at the Pier to really enjoy it.

Church. Heard a great sermon on Jonah 3. We have some talented preachers in our church. Yes we do.

Work today from 1-9.

I'll probably hang near home (I had my fill of crowds the last couple days) tomorrow. I was thinking of moseying into the city but can't bear Metra again. (Holds back rant about holiday weekend Metra service and the suburbanites who only use Metra on such weekend)
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