August 18th, 2005

leonard cohen

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Tomorrow’s my birthday. 32 years ago my mother pushed me into the world at 7:45am. She was alone in my parent’s apartment in Norfolk, Virginia, my father being on a ship in the South Pacific avoiding the land war in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy. She started having contractions late the night before but decided to do some cleaning around the apartment before she called her friend Judy. My mother told me that the delivery wasn’t too bad. Sometime I’ll tell the story of my parents’ first child who died in infancy but not now.

My father tells me that he knew that I was the reason he was called up to the captain’s deck many hours later.

It’s been a very good year, the best year of my life since before my mom got sick. I fell in love and walked a marathon. 31 was excellent, 32 looks to be even better.

Need a birthday present idea?
leonard cohen

Meme No. 5

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