May 24th, 2005

leonard cohen

so much for that

I'm perusing the latest Library Journal and behold, there's a two-page spread on wedding books. So I jokingly say to my co-workers "I'm gonna order some of these for the collection but don't start any rumours, ok?"

My co-workers response: "Hmmm we haven't had a wedding or baby shower around here in ages."

*buries hand in sand*

Well at least the conversation cheered me up a bit. Heaven knows I needed it.
leonard cohen


This morning I had a patron call me back and thank me for my help after I faxed him an article.

Plus considering the hug I got from one of my computer students on Friday and the woman yesterday who said that I've been "saving her butt for years" on various school projects...

I actually might be good at this job.