May 3rd, 2005

leonard cohen

Back home

After 15 hours in the car over the last two days I'm back home.I've loved the hospitality I've been shown in Goshen and New York but there's nothing like your own bed.

Was not excited to see that they're tearing my street up, I had to park several houses away. So much for carring my stuff in tonight to unpack.

So much to report on on my trip, so I'll do that later.

However, a couple of non trip tidbits

bona and I are going to see U2 here in Chicago next Saturday!


The fabulous Linda LaFianza hooked us up with some tix. We love you Linda! ;)

I made my radio debut tonight with bona. Must not zone out about what song was just played next time. ;)
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    Richard Shindell - Calling the Moon
leonard cohen

3 for 3

Because I don't know what you know or want to know about me I'm introducing the 3 for 3.
I'll answer your questions in another post which will include my questions for you :)
I know there are some annonimo people on my list so lemme know and I won't include your names

Ask me 3 questions and I'll ask you 3.
I promise, this time, I'll play along.

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