January 27th, 2005

leonard cohen

Your vote counts!

Poll #426086 u2 tickets

Should I buy U2 tix when they go on sale on Saturday?

No, it's time to be an responsible adult, your credit card balances are already screaming
Yes! You know you want to dance to "City of Blinding Lights" with bona
No, but try for tix when they come back later on this year
Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the 90 or 150 bux tix
leonard cohen


I just had a patron call and ask me to print out "Hamlet"

Me: the entire play?
Patron: yes
Me: we have copies you can check out
patron: no, no I want a printout
me: that's gonna be kinda expensive
patron: can you check and see how much?
me: well it's 159 pages so just under $16
patron: nevermind