September 29th, 2004

leonard cohen

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If LiveJournal was an orchestra by robotliliput
would be concertmasterariedana
would kiss up to the conductorkokopopo
would want to be your standpartnerquodlibetic
would gaze at you from afar during rehearsaldetroitpainter
would be last chairgurdonark
would talk too muchseraphimsigrist
would play louder than everyone elsesomepeople
would be the unrecognized genius of the groupverian
would be out of tuneweds
would want to play all the soloshappy2beso
would make a good section leadersp00f
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leonard cohen

hold on be still..

I think that's is what God is saying to me tonight.

My life has been so crazy lately and I'm running so fast (schedule wise) that I've easily spent at least 2 hours over the last couple of days looking for things like keys, checks from donators, etc. when these items were right in front of me. I've managed to find them all, thank the Lord. But it's a sign that everything is way out of kilter these days. This weekend (which starts tomorrow for me) promises to be really slow paced. I have a lot to do but I won't be rushing around like I have this week.

However, you find great stuff when you're looking for stuff from jeffholton's postcard from Kazishatan (forgive me for the bad spelling please)!

And for the record I'm at 26% of my fundraising goal!