August 23rd, 2004

leonard cohen

today's refgrunt

Benton, Illinois library?
career section
Consumer Reports?
A book that has "computer" and "dummies" in the title. It's for a friend who bought a rebuilt computer without a manual.
The cliff notes for Tom Jones and Frankenstein.
Last week's edition of the local paper.
A guy who looks like he's about to audition for the Apprentice is looking for a book on Trump.
Tolstoy's collection How Much Land Does A Man Need? on audio.
Internet, her phone has a California Girls" ringtone

in the afternoon:

a book by a Tom West on "real estate office policy": no go
Windows XP Hacks
A regular tries to amuse me by telling me that it's Tuesday morning.
R&B music?
Mrs. Winterbourne
Ordinary People is two weeks overdue. The patron recommends we call the person that has it.
Registration for our antiques program next month.
Errant pin number
Cop to Call Girl.
Luther Vandross CDs.
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Morrell, Life Mask, Turkish Lover, and The Secret Goldfish: Stories
books on back pain
bathroom key
Grow Young With HGH
The Fixer by Bernard Malamud
Glendale Heights zip code
nearest bookstore