blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

My weekend

Had a nice three day weekend

Did some power shopping at Kohl's on Friday, some clothes, pillows and a blanket. Picked up bona at the train and went to see Peter Mulvey at Schuba's. Peter is a wonderful singer/songwriter. He has amazing original songs and covers. I geeked when he did a bluesy version of U2's "The Fly." Peter promises it will be on his next album.

Saturday we met the lovely misslynn for lunch at Town House Books and Cafe in St. Charles. I had a yummy ham sandwich with melted brie and sangria. The food was yummy and the book selection fabulous. Alas, I didn't buy anything.

In the evening we went to see the Right Brain Project's production of Boris Vian's play Empire Builders in Chicago. Admittedly not the type of theater I normally see but it was entertaining and thought-provoking. And it's only $10. So go see it!

This morning we went to church, lunch at Chili's and then I took bona back to the train this evening.

Now I'm hoping that Ryan Howard of the Phillies scores a run so I can win my consolation round of fantasy baseball.

Also, I'm addicted to Sudoku.

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