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Recovering after a wonderful weekend with bona

Started off the weekend with a great training walk with my Team in Training group. The woman I walked with last year is back and we had a great time catching up. But either I've gotten slower or she faster because I really had to work to keep up with her.

The highlight of the weekend in Goshen was watching a play that bona had written. He was part of a 24//7 theater festival where 7 plays go from writing to production in 24 hours. My baby is a funny and talented man.

Sunday morning brought a hymnsing at his church. I love learning new hymns but hearing "Be Thou My Vision" always makes me a happy woman.

In the afternoon, we watched Labyrinth which we enjoyed. Jennifer Connelly was young back in the day.

Now to get ready for work. The junior high across the street is back in session :(.

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