blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

In addition to watching the rest of the Scrubs DVD I watched the second half of the BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" last night. And this morning I watched the first half of the pilot of "Monk." I *heart* Netflix.

In other news one patron requested *15* back issues of Taste of Home magazine.

I will now leave you with this.

Blistermoth in Later that Miracle
Abounding with what's right about love, this heart-breaking legend, set in a spacestation orbiting Earth, takes a look at lonely people, bona (Brad Pitt) and blistermoth (Carrie-Anne Moss), who find themselves struggling to stay alive because a shocking sequence of events has been set in motion by his unscrupulous cousin, chaptal (Bruce Willis). Only the first ninety minutes are painful to watch.
Produced by ianiceboy

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