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Started what might be an interesting post about my baptism inspired by watching folks get baptized at Thomas' church this weekend but got distracted by the news that Rafael Palmeiro got suspended for juicin'. Surprised me because Palmeiro always seemed to be a man who would know better.

Missed Ryno's speech into the Hall of Fame yesterday while moseying about Goshen with Thomas. 'Tis a good speech with thinly veiled criticisms of Sammy Sosa and some funny put-downs of Shawon Dunston and Mark Grace. Lord knows I miss Harry Caray calling double plays from Dunston to Sandberg to Grace. Ah the glory days of my Cubs fandom.

Not amused that Detroit was forced into trading former Cubbie Kyle Farnsworth to Atlanta to be a setup man 'cos Kyle thought a three-year contract was beneath him. I picked Kyle up in my fantasy league when Gagne went out for the year.

Speaking of fantasy leagues, I'm currently in 4th, only a game outta 3rd and I'm facing the 3rd place guy this week.

The Cubs trade for Lawton should make things interesting too in the wild card race if Nomar, Kerry Wood and Williamson perform up to their potential when they come off the DL on Friday. Only 4 games out Cubbies!

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