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another 8 miles

Just got back from doing 8 miles in just under 2 hours, which isn't as fast as I'd like to be but considering that the heat index was 80-85 during my walk/run is pretty darn good.

Found out that the TnT schedule thinks the time requirement for the marathon is 6 hours although the website says 6 1/2. Found out from my coach that some TNT coaches are starting the walkers an hour early. If I'm smart I'll take advantage of this. In theory, my time should be faster than the first marathon I did back in January (7:12) but you never know.

In other TNT news I've been nominated to be a captain and/or mentor for the Winter season which is something I should at least apply for so I don't fall off the proverbial work-out horse afther the Chicago Marathon.

Finally have a chance to watch some Wimbledon this morning. I hate the early rounds of Grand Slam tournaments, none of the matches are competitive yet. Roddick is yawning through the match I'm watching now. My South African/English neighbors got me hooked on Wimbledon many years ago. I don't know why I like Grand Slam tennis considering I can barely serve.

Heading downtown tomorrow for the American Library Association Conference. I'm really looking forward to a Non-Fiction Reader's Advisory workshop. It better be good cos I'm missing a Nancy Pearl speech for it. I'm not looking forward to the trip there and back cos not only will there be 30,000 or so at the conference, there's Taste of Chicago, the Country Music festival, the Cubs/Sox series and the Gay Pride Parade. I'll be taking public transportation thank you very much.

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