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my weekend

Walk/ran 8 miles on Saturday. I did the last 4 in 45 minutes which is mega-fast for me. :)

Then drove to Goshen to see bona for the weekend.

We had a fabulous weekend together. Saturday we went to a new restaurant The Bluegill in Goshen which was quite yummy. Can't afford to eat there all the time but well worth it for special occasions. Then we went to see a film made by a Goshen college grad, Pearl Diver, a wonderful film about family secrets, violence and forgiveness. Hopefully it gets the distribution it deserves.

Sunday we went to church, lunch at a yummy (and cheap!, our combined bill was less than one of entries from Saturday night) Mexican place in Elkhart. Then we headed back to Goshen and watched some baseball while having some ice cream. Then I hung out with bona as he did his radio show and then headed back home arriving at 12:15am. *yawn*

Now off to do laundry so I have clean clothes to wear to work.
Tags: bluegill, elkhart, goshen, pearl diver, thomas

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