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Praise the Lord for Randy Johnson or else I'd be firing most of my fantasy team today.

Thank heavens he isn't pitching against the Cubs this weekend, I gotta admit.

Some highlights of Yankees History according to the Chicago Tribune


Ruth leads Yankees to the first of their 26 world championships. Yankees are now one championship behind the Cubs.


Jim Bouton's tell-all baseball diary, "Ball Four," is released, revealing Mantle as a worthy heir to Ruth as a hard-drinking, womanizing superstar.


Steinbrenner resumes active control of Yankees, two years after Commissioner Fay Vincent banned him from day-to-day operations of Yankees for paying confessed gambler Howie Spira $40,000 for damaging information on Dave Winfield.

1996 Twelve-year-old fan Jeffrey Maier reaches over fence and pulls in Derek Jeter fly in what's ruled a home run in Game 1 of ALCS vs. Baltimore.


Yankees acquire superstar Alex Rodriguez, blow 3-0 lead to Boston in ALCS. "Greatest Choke in Postseason History" enters American lexicon.
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