blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,


recovering from getting back at 2am from the U2 show

bona somehow survived me becoming a total fangirl. At least I didn't ask Larry to marry me as I have in the past. ;)

Setlist can be found here.

Highlights of the show for me were the songs that I missed out on last time: "Bad", "40" and "Mysterious Ways".

I've waited 15 years of U2 fandom to sing "Bad" and "40" with Bono.

I burst into tears at the beginning of "Streets" and "Bad".

And I shook my thing like a Polaroid picture during "Mysterious Ways." That song has the sexiest bassline ever.

The visuals of the show were amazing. We had seats behind the stage and was still able to enjoy nearly all of them. Particulary good was the airplane during "Bullet the Blue Sky".

The only part I didn't like was Bono dedicating "Running to Stand Still" to the US military. Am I missing the lyrical connection?

The only bad part of the evening was waiting 45 minutes for a cab afterwards.

I'm going to have a quiet evening at home with my bills and the new Sarah Vowell book.

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