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I expect to find him laughing

Such an exciting day I had!

(not in chronological order)

  • I met parisgarters! My first real-life LJ meeting (except for sarchasmic). We had a wonderful chat over some yummy apple cider. I've got to get to New York soon so we can have a proper visit.

  • I was trying to squeeze down this very narrow street on the way home from meeting parisgarters when my car's mirror bumped another car's mirror. Luckily both mirrors were okay.

  • I did some work for Tim and I got to hear something that I know some of you would like to hear. :)

  • Went to church and heard an excellent sermon on marriage. I file information like this away for future reference. We also got a sneak peek of the movie. You know which one I'm talking about.

  • I had some yummy homemade jambalaya (sp?)

  • Realized that Duran Duran lyrics don't make any more sense than they did when I was thirteen.
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