blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

The marathon is on Sunday!

That's right THIS sunday! I'm leaving for Arizona tomorrow afternoon where it's let's just say a lot warmer than it is here. :)

I'll be in Arizona through the 13th and won't have a lot of email access until I get back.

The marathon itself starts at 7:40am Phoenix time Sunday morning I'm thinking it will take me about 7 hours so I *should* be done around 3:45pm ish. I'll have my cell phone with me so I'm hoping to make a phone post sometime after I finish Sunday afternoon/night.

I couldn't have made it this far with the love and support of my LiveJournal friends!

Special shoutouts go to costello1177 for making me think a marathon was even possible and to bona for being my biggest spiritual and emotional support these last couple of months. Every person training for a marathon should have someone as special as bona in their life. :)

Finally, please pray that I'm healthy for the marathon. I've been doing lots of shoveling due to the 10 inches of snow we've gotten in the last 30 hours or so. So far my back has been ok. However, my throat has been bothering me for the last couple of days and my voice is fading a bit so I'm praying everything is AOK by Sunday.

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