blistermoth (blistermoth) wrote,

dateline: goshen, in

first of all, happy birthday to the wonderful bona! He's really old now. But getting better with age. ;)

We're having a wonderful time here in Goshen. I even got to meet the da mayor yesterday!

Last night we went to see Over the Rhine in Indy. buckeye_hoosier suggested that OTR needs to do a standards album now. They did song "Poughkeepsie" that made me cry.

"no more drowning in my sorrow, no more drowning in my tears"

also, a slow torch version of "jungle bells" that was more etta james that whoever did the original. Had dinner beforehand and crashed afterwards at the lovely home of Mr. and Mrs. buckeye_hoosier. Their 16-month old Benjamin is my "other" Indiana boyfriend.

so much more to say, but i won't :)

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